KHIT 156: KYTC Department of Aviation Dashboard Support

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Abstract KHIT 156, KYTC Department of Aviation Dashboard Support The Kentucky Department of Aviation (KDA) seeks to build an online dashboard incorporating economic impact data from the state’s 52 general aviation (GA) airports and 6 commercial airports. KYTC does not have a current database on the economic contributions of its individual airports. An economic impact study is one component of the Statewide Aviation System Plan that was last published in 2018 using data collected in 2016 and 2017. The Statewide Aviation System Plan includes summaries of the entire airport system, support industries, aviation/aerospace manufacturing, military aviation, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), and aviation education. A visual dashboard of the location of Kentucky’s airports, and their economic contributions is a beneficial tool for regional and statewide economic development. As a proof of concept, KDA would like The Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC) to assist with collecting economic data from the state’s commercial (6) and a subset of geographically representative GA airports (12). The KTC will partner with members of the North Carolina State University’s Institute for Transportation Research and Education (ITRE) to build the economic impact database and mapping tool using IMPLAN Software. ITRE will subcontract to KTC for this project. OBJECTIVES • Gather data as requested by Department of Aviation. Conduct airport manager and user/tenant surveys and collect supplemental FAA data as necessary. Survey data include: o Airport Use (number of based aircraft, number of annual airport operations and type, sales of goods and services including fuel sales, budget/expenses, tenants and users) o Support Industries (rental car, retail shops, restaurants, etc.) o Passenger Service at Commercial Airports (number of airlines, passengers, destinations) o Air Cargo (tons and carriers) • Partner with faculty at the North Carolina State University’s Institute for Transportation Research and Education to build an airport economic contribution database and mapping tool. • Coordinate with KYTC as necessary to host the database on an online dashboard. Present data and visual materials as requested by the Department of Aviation
Effective start/end date3/1/236/30/25


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $221,138.00


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