KHIT 158: Technical Support for the Division of Maintenance

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Abstract KHIT 158, Technical Support for the Division of Maintenance The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Division of Maintenance provides support to the various Department of Highway Districts in carrying out the maintenance and operational activities for the state- maintained highway system. Additionally, the division administers several of the maintenance budget functions, supports policy-making decisions, and performs a wide variety of technical activities related to condition assessments and prioritization of highway asset needs. The division consists of five branches with the following responsibilities: • Permits - Manages permit requests for anyone desiring access to a road on the State Highway System or wanting to conduct any type of work activity on the right of way. • Bridge Preservation - Coordinates bridge inspection, prepares bridge repair contracts and determines bridge weight restrictions, including the extended weight coal haul system. • Operations and Pavement Management - Develops and maintains an ongoing list of pavement needs based on detailed pavement distress data and objective evaluation of conditions. The branch is also responsible for collecting and analyzing data to assess maintenance performance across the state and provides support for asset management. • Roadside Maintenance - Manages all aspects of the area between the roadway and the fence; also manages the state''s winter weather response. • Roadway Maintenance - Prepares contracts for roadway patching or resurfacing and for repairing or replacing other roadway features, such as pipes, guardrail, striping, large signs and small slides. Also responsible for inspecting dams that are connected to the State Highway System. KTC is providing on-call technical support to Maintenance for the many different programs, projects, process improvements, and policy developments led by the Division to fulfill its mission and responsibilities.
Effective start/end date7/1/236/30/24


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $35,000.00


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