KHIT 77 Natcher Bridge Cable Inspection Phase I

  • Hopwood, Theodore (PI)

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Work on the Natcher Bridge is anticipated to occur in five phases and take between 24 and 36 months to complete. Phases 1-3 are damage assessments performed on the deck anchorages, the stay cables and the tower anchorages. Phase 4 will be a root cause/structural analysis of cable cracking problem and its implications for both the near and long-term integrity of the stay cables and the bridge. Phase 5 will incorporate the findings of the previous four stages to develop and implement a rehabilitation program for the bridge (and hopefully the stay cables). Phase 1 Damage Assessment of Deck Anchorage Piping and Identification of High Risk Sites Inside the Piping (duration/completion date dependent upon KYTC access restrictions. Phase 1 3 Work will be broken down into two parts (Phase1A as described herein and Phase 1B to be provided in a separate proposal) for KYTC budgetary purposes. Minimally invasive inspections will be conducted on all 96 of the cable piping locations at the deck (lower) anchorages to characterize existing/potential cable damage including: Phase 1A activities: „h water intrusion/corrosion damage in the deck anchorages, „h strand cracking adjacent to the deck anchorage bearing plates and Phase 1B activities: „h HDPE piping material deterioration/weathering, „h pipe cracking, „h defective thermal welds in anchorage piping, „h grout voids, „h water intrusion at pipe failure locations/water build-up in grout voids, „h characterize detachment of stay pipe ribbing on the lower portions of selected stay pipes (to about 50 ft. above deck level.
Effective start/end date3/30/1210/31/13


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