KHIT 83, Field Trials of Non-Nuclear Methods for Compaction

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The overall objectives of this research effort to further evaluate the SDG device are to: (i) determine if the new commercially-available version of the device is capable of accurately measuring both wet unit weight and in situ moisture “on device” or if the device must be supplemented with a third-party moisture probe and (ii) develop standard calibrations procedures that can be used for the SDG in the soils typically used for earthwork construction in Kentucky. The work plan associated with further evaluation of the SDG device consists of the following tasks. • Task 1 – Device Acquisition and Preliminary Lab Testing • Task 2 – Field Testing • Task 3 – Development of Standard Testing Procedures and Specifications • Task 4 – Final Report
Effective start/end date9/30/126/30/15


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $10,916.00


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