KHIT 89, SHRP2 Pavement Preservation Treatments: US 127 Mercer County

Grants and Contracts Details


The Transportation Cabinet has secured a grant from FHWA to establish test sections for SHRP2 R26 project “Surface Treatments for High Volume Facilities.” The test sections will be installed on US 127 in Mercer County. The Cabinet has utilized surface treatments for a variety of applications in recent years in pavement preservation activities. This experimental project will permit performance evaluations for the various treatments in a controlled manner and on a facility with higher traffic volumes. Test sections will be established for the Double micro-surface and Cape Seal surface preservation treatments, along with a control section where no treatment will be applied. The surface treatments will be applied in both directions of US 127 in Mercer County. The asphalt surfaces in each direction were constructed at different times and are currently exhibiting differing levels of identifiable pavement distress. The use of both of these sections will allow for the evaluation of the pavement preservation technique on pavement surfaces applied at different times in the service life of the pavement.
Effective start/end date5/1/146/30/14


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $150,000.00


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