KHIT 98, Uretek Deep Injection Evaluation for I-24 MP 65.349 - 76.142

Grants and Contracts Details


A section of I-24 in Trigg County from mile marker 65.349 – 76.142 has experienced mid panel cracking, faulting at cracks and joints, and lane settlement. Plans for rehabilitation on this portion of roadway involve contracting with Uretek USA to stabilize subgrade and lift pavement in settled areas using Uretek Deep Injection (UDI). Uretek also plans to stabilize joints and cracks with their joint stabilization process. Once work is complete PCC pavement will be diamond ground to improve rideability. All joints and cracks will also be sealed to extend pavement life. To determine effectiveness of UDI the Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC) will test all joints in the slow lane, both directions using a JILS Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD). KTC personnel will be on site to assist FWD operator with alignment of FWD at each joint. KTC will also document station numbers for all joints with load transfer efficiency (LTE) less than 80%. Joints with LTE less than 80% will receive Uretek joint stabilization to extend joint/pavement life. Pre FWD testing will determine how many joints need treatment. Post FWD testing will determine the effectiveness of Uretek joint stabilization. There are approximately 2300 joints to be evaluated in both directions utilizing FWD.
Effective start/end date4/1/156/30/17


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $84,750.00


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