KHIT 99, Evaluation of Cumberland Gap Tunnel Pavement with GPR/FWD/LiDAR

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In efforts to continue to monitor the condition of the pavement structure within the Cumberland Gap Tunnel, this project will allow KTC to continue to scan the pavement surface with both ground penetrating radar, FWD, and LiDAR to identify if any pavement subsidence is continuing to occur. All results will be compared to the existing base-line scan that was performed by KTC shortly after the most recent pavement repair in January 2013. The project will be set up over three years and the total dollar amount is assumed to be divided into three equal allotments of $20,000 per year for bi-annual monitoring. Both KYTC and Cumberland Gap Tunnel Authority administrators will be provided with bi-annual up-dates of any potential voiding that has occurred over any 6-month period. Note, previous water conditions allowed for more than .75 cubic yards of backfill material to leave the tunnel in solution per month.
Effective start/end date7/1/156/30/24


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $180,000.00


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