KSD/KSB Kentucky School for the Blind and Deaf Trauma Informed Care Project

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The University of Kentucky Center on Trauma and Children will provide a range of services to the Kentucky Department of Education (KOE) to benefit the Kentucky School for the Deaf (KSD) and the Kentucky School for the Blind (KSB). The ultimate goal of this project is to increase the capacity of the organization as a whole and the workforce in particular to provide trauma-informed care and provide education and residential care to students in an environment that is physically and psychologically safe. To this end, for the 2016-2017 school year, the following activities will be performed under the direction of Dr. Ginny Sprang, Ph. D. (Pl). Professional Development and Learning Opportunities to KSD staff on reducing trauma-related barriers to learning. One training and consultation to address Secondary Trauma (STS) needs of staff (traumatized by intensive exposure to students in trauma) •Provide three trainings for KSD Faculty and Dorm Staff for responding to crises and ongoing behavior challenges of students in the dorms Monthly, provide consultation and coaching regarding •safety and trauma-informed responsiveness to student behavior for dorm staff, •assistance with implementation of trauma informed classroom strategies for teachers that are consistent with proactive systems of positive behavior interventions & supports (PBIS), and •consultation with the mental health team regarding implementation of trauma screening and assessment of students at KSD Provide technical assistance to KSB based on the recommendations of the Organizational Trauma Assessment. Collaboration and coordination with (KOE) Administration, KSD Governance Committees and other key interagency , stakeholders for problem-solving around safety issues and trauma-informed intervention policies and procedures. Collaboration and Consultation with State Educational Agency (SEA) & Local Educational Agency (LEA) AWARE grant staff to plan and implement school improvement initiatives around mental health needs of KSD students and staff, and in coordination with statewide trauma - informed care initiatives.
Effective start/end date7/1/166/30/17


  • KY Department of Education: $100,523.00


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