KSEF KCF: 3-Dimensional Surround Scanning and Surface Feature Tracking

  • Hassebrook, Laurence (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


Through a series of research grants, we have invented and developed an advanced technology suite for capturing 3-Dimensional surfaces, either stationary or in motion, In particular, the 3-D motion capture is the state of the art in the industry, The 3-D data acquisition industry has grown exponentially and its applications span biomedical. special effects (SFX), reverse engineering, quality control and biometrics. Our focus market is the SFX industry where we already have experience and support (ie., collaboration with Gentle Giant Studios and Red Mile Games). Our plan is to spin off or have a buyout. of this UofK technology. The SFX service industry maintains a high profit margin. Our technology has a low hardware cost. 1/10 of the target competitor. MaYA. In the last year. MaY A has announced its system, creating a window of opportunity in the movie SFX industry. In addition to a considerable cost advantages over MaY A. our system has better performance, is more portable and more flexible. We believe that our technology represents the model definition of disruptive technology. Our weakness is that to achieve a WHOLE PRODUCT, we must have user friendly "merging" and "quadmesh tracking" applications. Our students have developed several prototype applications. but students can only go so far. So our team, of 3 seasoned professionals plus 1 half time RA, proposes to refine the existing software so that we can leverage our commercialization efforts. That is, on one front, our team will continue commercialization efTorts. On the other front, we will refine the student applications. All other software applications have already been refined through our existing efTorts. So with the proposed funding. we will achieve the whole product that we need for leveraging successful commercialization and make the best deal possible on behalf of the University of Kentucky.
Effective start/end date4/1/089/30/09


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