KSEF KCF: Develop an In-line Filter to Remove Aluminum from Intravenous Feeding Solustions Given to Premature Infants

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Potentially hazardous concentrations of the metal aluminum (AI) are present as a contaminant 10 solutions used for intravenous feeding. We are developing a flow-through filter device containing a chelator (ligand) that is immobilized on small polymer beads (resin). This device will remove the Al from the contaminated small volume parenteral (SVP) solution as it flows from its storage vial through the filter into the bag containing the final intravenous feeding solution (total parenteral nutrition [TPN] admixture solution). TPN solutions are given to neonates in the intensive care unit of hospitals. Several toxic metals (AI, arsenic, chromium & manganese) can be contaminants of the SVP solutions added to prepare the TPN solution, but Al is the only metal for which the FDA has implemented a labeling requirement. Al has the potential to cause toxicity to neonates and other patients. The toxic effects include impainnent of cognitive development and generalized osteomalacia (rickets). We have synthesized some novel chelators and immobilized some of them on a resin. Although effective to remove Al from some solutions, we need to modify the chemistry to improve these immobilized chelators to be able to rapidly and effectively remove Al from calcium gluconate and phosphate solutions, the primary SVP contributors to Al in TPN solutions. That work is proposed in a STTR submission. Additional potential applications of this technology are to remove contaminating Al from fluids given to dialysis patients and from TPN and intravenous calcium solutions given to adults, and to remove Al from soy-based infant fonnula. This technology could be applied to the removal of other metals from solutions. The present application requests funds to contract for a market analysis, to be conducted by Giles & Associates Consultancy, Inc. and to begin to develop a business plan for the company, ALKYMOS, Inc., we established to advance this technology
Effective start/end date4/1/0712/31/08


  • KY Science and Technology Co Inc: $43,997.00


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