KSEF KCF: Static Multiple Sample NMR Probe

  • Munson, Eric (PI)

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The advanced analysis of pharmaceutical compounds in the solid state is very complex. In particular, testing methods such as solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (SSNMR) spectroscopy require extremely expensive instruments (>$500,000) and have a very low throughput. Despite the low throughput and expensive instrumentation, SSNMR may be the only technique capable of analyzing the compound in a tablet. Our goal is to increase the throughput of SSNMR experiments severalfold. To accomplish this, we have previously developed a SSNMR probe that allows more than one sample to be analyzed at the same time, thereby increasing throughput by a factor of four. A significant downside of that probe was that it had to continuously move inside the NMR magnet. In this proposal, we describe an NMR probe that can run up to four samples simultaneously without the probe moving in the magnet. From a practical standpoint, this is equivalent to having four NMR spectrometers running at the same time, but without the complexity of operating and maintaining four separate instruments. To test our concept, we have constructed a two-module prototype of the SSNMR probe. Testing of the probe showed that it has equivalent performance to a traditional SSNMR probe, but with complete radio-frequency isolation between the two probes, which is critical to ensure performance. We have identified two potential routes to commercialize thistechnology, both of which have immediate potential. We have also identified companies that are interested in licensing thistechnology once it has been commercialized
Effective start/end date1/1/1612/31/17


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