KSEF R & D Excellence: Issues Designing, Developing and Delivering Web Based Distance Learning Programs

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It has been observed that education has just begun tapping into the transforming power of the Internet. As such, this research is a step towards realizing the full potential of the Internet for learning with a primary objective to investigate the success factors in designing, developing and delivering Web-based distance learning programs. This research proposes the use of an information systems success model to guide the design, development, and delivery of Web-based distance learning programs. The validity of viewing Web-based distance learning programs development from an information systems perspective is supported by recognizing that both of these efforts are fueled by a common goal to harness new technologies to better meet the needs of their users. Consequently, a secondary objective of this research is to examine the applicability of an information systems success model to Web-based learning. A major barrier to the success of Web-based learning is the students' indifferent attitudes toward the Internet. Current college students regard the Internet only as an educational tool supplementing traditional classroom education. Through action research proposed in this study, we will attempt to change students' attitudes towards the Internet from viewing the Internet as a supplemental aid to a fundamental educational tool. As a result, a third objective of this research is to address the key barrier to successful development of Web-based distance learning programs. All together, this research serves as a direct response to the call for action put together eloquently in the web-based education commission's report as: "The question is no longer if the Internet can be used to transform learning in a new and powerful way. The Commission has found that it can. Noris the question should we invest the time, the energy, and the money necessary to fulfill its promise in defining and shaping new learning opportunity. The Commission believes that we should. We all have a role to play." (Web-based Education Commission, 2000)
Effective start/end date7/1/036/30/04


  • KY Science and Technology Co Inc: $15,000.00


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