KSEF R&D Excellence: Predicting Settlement in Mine Spoil Valley Fills in Eastern Kentucky

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PREDICTING SETTLEMENT IN MINE SPOIL VALLEY FILLS IN EASTERN KENTUCKY Principal Investigator: Michael E. Kalinski, Ph.D., P.E. Assistant Professor University of Kentucky As the eastern Kentucky economy diversifies to rely less on the mining industry, the need for alternative sources of revenue increases. Mine spoil valley fill sites represent an excellent opportunity for economic development, but have a history of severe differential settlement. Settlement in mine spoils is caused by three mechanisms: dry crushing due to increased stress, wet crushing due to saturation, and time-dependent creep. Due to their susceptibility to differential settlement, development of mine spoil sites is largely considered uneconomical. However, it is likely that numerous sites exist that are less susceptible, and these sites are attractive candidates for development. Methods to quantitatively predict settlement in mine spoils are lacking, and a methodology is needed. Therefore, a laboratory research study is proposed to develop such a methodology. Reconstituted specimens of material will be placed in a pressurized cell. Confining stress and saturation conditions will be varied in the specimens, and changes in volume will be measured over time. Thus, the effects of confining stress, saturation, and the passage of time on specimen volume (expressed in terms of void ratio, e) and settlement potential will be quantified. Resonant column testing will also be performed to measure shear wave velocity (vs), and a relationship between Vsand e will be developed. In this manner, an approach will be developed to use a combination of laboratory-derived relationships and field Vs measurements to quantitatively predict and settlement at mine spoil sites. This approach will be applicable to mine spoil sites in eastern Kentucky to identify attractive candidates for commercial development, where an acceptable amount of settlement is anticipated. Keywords: mine spoil valley fills, settlement prediction, eastern Kentucky, coal mmmg, Appalachia 6
Effective start/end date5/1/0512/31/07


  • KY Science and Technology Co Inc: $57,249.00


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