KSEF RDE: Fundamental Multiscale Modeling of Nanomachining Process via Molecular Dynamics and Electron Hydrodynamic Equation Simulations

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We propose a research program to develop fundamental understanding of the multiscale physics of a nanomachining concept that uses field emission electrons emitted tTom a carbon nanotube to machine nano-scale features on a surface. We plan to concentrate mainly on the fundamental nanosciences, including the thermodynamics of nano-scale melting. By using molecular dynamics simulations coupled with the electron transport equation and the electron hydrodynamic equation for the electron distribution on the material we will further enhance our knowledge of what goes on during a process of nanomachining using an electron beam tTom the carbon nanotube. Our modeling efforts will serve us to both determine the theoretical operational parameters of the nanomachining experimental facility, currently under development, and to shed light on a concept such as nano-scale melting. Once the proper correlations have been derived tTom our simulations, the experimental facility will be tested and analyzed for proper operation. In the long run, the use of this facility will allow us direct validation of the theoretical models used. Keywords: molecular dynamics, field emission, electron hydrodynamic equation
Effective start/end date1/1/0712/31/09


  • KY Science and Technology Co Inc: $100,000.00


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