KSEF RDE: X-Ray Vortex Beam Generation via Coherent Scattering from Patterned Ferromagnetic Thin Films

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Our recent X-ray photon coherent scattering (XPCS) data [1] show modest applied magnetic fields (100 Oe) can control the transfer of orbital angular momentum (OAM) to a X-ray "vortex beam" resonantly scattered from the magnetic domain textures of patterned ferromagnetic thin films. A few expensive, complex methods have previously been developed to transfer OAM to X-ray vortex beams that can carry a large number of quanta (L = 1, 2, 3….) of OAM. Therefore, a demonstration of control of OAM transfer to X-ray vortex beams by magnetic manipulation of relatively cheap, compact patterned magnetic films could enable novel nanotechnologies, such as optical trapping and rotation of molecules, as well as new paradigms for quantum computing. We will conduct refined XPCS studies of vortex beams in collaboration with Dr. Sujoy Roy and Dr. Steven Kevan of Lawarence Berkeley National Laboratory. Preliminary numerical simulations indicate closed target magnetization textures are needed to generate OAM transfer to a coherently scattered X-ray beam. OAM transfer must be accompanied by magnetic excitations of the ASI, and the field control of ASI must involve nonstochastic reversal of submicron ferromagnetic dot arrays that comprise the target. We will utilize ferromagnetic resonance, static magnetization and numerical simulations to characterize sample magnetic textures and dynamics in sample targets prepared at U. Kentucky. Magnetic imaging experiments will be carried out at NIST Gaithersburg and Argonne National Laboratory in order to gain crucial information about the structure and field evolution of the magnetic textures active in OAM transfer. [1] "Creation of x-ray vortex beams using an artificial spin ice structure", S. K. Mishra, J. C. T. Lee, V. S. Bhat, X. Shi, D. H. Parks, B. Farmer, L. E. De Long, I. McNulty, S. D. Kevan and S. Roy, submitted to Nature Photonics (August, 2014).
Effective start/end date7/1/156/30/17


  • KY Science and Technology Co Inc: $30,000.00


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