KTOS Modification: Examining Kentucky Substance Use Disorder Program Performance Indicators and Unmet Treatment Needs

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BACKGROUND For the past two decades, the state of Kentucky has partnered with the University of Kentucky Center on Drug and Alcohol (UKCDAR) research to provide external performance reviews of substance abuse treatment, prevention, and recovery programs which focus on community treatment (Kentucky Treatment Outcome Study), criminal justice treatment (Criminal Justice Kentucky Treatment Outcome Study), and recovery programs (Recovery Center Outcome Study) as well as other targeted studies. These external performance reviews describe the state-funded programs and provide client level performance indicators (as indicated by relapse and recidivism and other targeted factors). Despite this growing evidence base, the existing evaluation infrastructure does not address program-level performance indicators or information about the unmet needs of individuals with a substance use disorder (SUD) in the state who may not be accessing or engaging in services. In addition, it is not clear what service gaps exist within the state treatment structure that could be leveraged to reach additional people. CURRENT PROJECT Building on the existing evaluation infrastructure at UKCDAR, which includes on-going evaluation of client level performance indicators across a number of programs, the proposed evaluation expansion will examine program level performance indicators and unmet treatment needs for individuals with substance use disorders (SUD) in Kentucky, as well as the gap in treatment services offered across the state. There are three main objectives this study will pursue: (1) Identify key SUD performance indicators recommended by the literature and compare client-level performance indicators by specific program/region and statewide across three Kentucky SUD program outcome datasets (Study 1). (2) Describe SUD services program level performance indicators (including types of evidence-based practices used as well as facilitators and barriers to using evidence-based practices), and barriers SUD program staff have in serving SUD clients (including treatment matching) (Study 2). (3) Explore unmet treatment needs as well as personal and systemic barriers to SUD treatment in Kentucky among adults who need, but who do not engage, with SUD treatment (have not entered a program or who have dropped out of a program in the past year) (Study 3 and 4).
Effective start/end date1/1/236/30/24


  • KY Justice Cabinet: $297,492.00


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