KY Assistive Technology Loan Corportation Board

  • Fleming, Bernard (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


Provide project planning, management and operational support for the Kentucky Assistive Technology Loan Corporation (KA TLC). These activities will be planned and coordinated with direction trom the KA TLC Board of Directors and the assistance of OVR stafT and outside consultants with expertise in the implementation and operation of loan programs for assistive technology. Project stafT (the project director and an administrative assistant) will be responsible for planning and organizing meetings of the KATLC Board of Directors; negotiating agreements with lending partners; assisting customers in the preparation of loan applications; processing loan applications in conjunction with lending partners; developing partnerships with other agencies, service providers and assistive technology vendors; developing and implementing a marketing plan for the loan fund; developing, producing and disseminating informational materials describing the loan fund including brochures, press releases, public service announcements; providing partners and other interested parties with quarterly updates on the loan fund on both the state and local levels; contacting state agencies, service providers, advocacy organizations, and other related entities concerning KA TLC; maintaining daily records of all activities relating to the KATLC; and producing reports for KA TLC Board of Directors and funding agency.
Effective start/end date10/1/049/30/05


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