KY Center for Mathematics (KCM) Regional Coordinator

  • Aossey, Cynthia (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


The full range of Regional Coordinator responsibilities are listed below. The precise responsibilities for each Regional Coordinator will be determined by Alice Gabbard in consultation with the Regional Coordinator (and his/her supervisor.) Support KCM Community Members, including Mathematics Intervention Teachers: • Visit and coach new and continuing KCM Community Members as needed. • Host and facilitate at least three in-person collegial team meetings for KCM Community Members. • Convene additional online and in-person meetings for KCM-sponsored events as needed. • Plan and facilitate weekly online meetings for those who are new to the KCM Community. • Plan and facilitate monthly online meetings for experienced KCM Community Members. • Contribute to and share with KCM Community Members the online KCM Discussion Forum. • Collect photos and videos of KCM Community Members in action, where consent is granted, and share with the KCM’s staff. • For new MITs at Mathematics Achievement Fund grant schools, conduct in-person orientation by meeting with the principal and the MIT. Grow Professionally • Attend and assist with KCM-hosted trainings. • Attend and present at the KCTM and KCM conferences. • Work with students to gain experience and to collect valuable video clips, which can be posted by the KCM. • Attend KCM RC retreats and online meetings as offered. • Continue self-directed professional development (for 5% or less of the RC’s KCM time assignment). Other activities • Collaborate with the KCM staff in systemic problem-solving and program improvement. • Assist and support the KCM staff in data collection activities, including the rating of teaching video. • Be responsive to phone, email, and other correspondence by KCM staff, KCM Community Members, and other Regional Coordinators. • Submit to the KCM quarterly reports of work-related RC activities. • Submit a semi-annual inventory of the equipment, books, and materials purchased through the KCM RC grant and owned by the KCM. Provide Outreach • Promote awareness of KCM activities and programs in regional mathematics and education communities (i.e. educational cooperatives, local councils of teachers of mathematics, other educational agencies). • Present to groups of teachers, administrators, and/or other educational professionals for the purposes of sharing information about the KCM-sponsored programs and recruiting new participants. • Organize, assist, and/or facilitate professional development (including book studies) for teachers and/or administrative staff where there is a KCM-trained “Full Member” who can provide ongoing support. • Meet with teachers, families, students, administrative staff and/or other parties who are interested in the KCM’s approach to improving the teaching and learning of mathematics. • Present at national conferences, if accepted. Math Recovery • Complete/maintain Math Recovery Intervention Specialist (MRIS) certification Requirements. • Complete the process for becoming a SNAP Facilitator, Add+Vantage (AVMR) Champion, and Math Recovery Leader. • Lead trainings for KCM Community Members. • Conduct in-person coaching visits for MRIS trainees. Kentucky Numeracy Project • Create resources for the KNP Intervention Guide. • Review KNP IG resources provide by others. • Provide KNP professional development, online or in-person.
Effective start/end date7/1/125/31/13


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