KY Division of Compliance Operator Assistance Training Program Wastewater Operators Certification

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Following an initial kickoff meeting with DCA leadership, the KWRRI team will review the existing training materials and certification exam and meet with DCA training staff, trainers, and advisory board members to identify needs and objectives for upgrading the wastewater collection system operator training program. Based on this needs assessment, the team will prepare a draft table of contents and the first chapter of the training manual for review by DCA personnel. Following feedback on the approach, form, and content level of this submission, the KWRRI team will complete a final draft of the manual which will then be reviewed internally and then externally before final revision and submittal. In similar fashion, the KWRRI team will also review the existing certification exams (4 exams, Class I-IV) and revise the exams to be consistent with the upgraded training materials. The final draft of the exam will then undergo both internal and external review before final revision and submittal.
Effective start/end date6/14/206/30/21


  • KY Department of Environmental Protection


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