KY EPSCoR: Exploring new operating and control algorithms for the composite electric power system

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Abstract The objective of this project is to establish a team ofmuitidisciplinary researchers from University of Kentucky and Kentuckian State University to work together in the area of electric power and control system. Electric power system is a large scale system that entails sophisticated real time control algorithms to ensure efficient and reliable operation of the power system. The power system is becoming larger in scale and more complicated involving diverse types of participants due to restructuring of power industry and incorporation of all sorts of distributed generations based on rcnewablc energy sources. Efficient and appropriate control of the more and more composite power system is essential to ensure the reliability of the system and to encourage deployment of renewable energy source based facilities. To increase the utilization of renewable energy is extremely beneficial since this will reduce adverse impacts on the environment, and decrease reliance on diminishing traditional energy sources such as fossil fuels. The design and implementation of ncw operations with smart and reliable control algorithms is necessary to meet the demands of the composite nature of the new developing power system paradigm. This is a challenging task, which involves knowledge in power system, control and computer, etc. To explore possible new ways of operating and controlling this composite system in a technically sound, environmentally friendly and economically feasible way, we propose to establish a research team consisting ofresearchers with backgrounds in power system, control and computer science from Kentuckian universities. Through workshops, electronic meetings and seminars, the researchers will discuss and refine ideas and identi fy the topics and directions ofthe research in electric power system control. Our aim is to identify the most promising research dircctions in this area so that we can work on a proposal to be submitted to federal agencies. The targeted funding agencies include NSF and DOE. This proposal is submitted to KY EPSCoR's program: Collaborative Research Initiation Grants.
Effective start/end date6/15/0812/31/09


  • KY Science and Technology Co Inc: $10,000.00


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