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NASA Kentucky Space Grant Consortium, a diverse group of 28 Affiliates across the state, uses a portfolio-of-programs approach and best practices to set students and faculty on Pathways of Opportunities towards aerospace-related career goals, with a goal of contributing to a skilled, highperforming and diverse workforce that meets the emerging needs of NASA and Kentucky. NASA KY programs engage competitively-selected participants in STEM education and training primarily at the post-secondary level, with complementary pipeline pre-college education programs. Diversity of students, faculty and institutional types is essential and integral to this approach. Purposeful efforts are made to reach potential participants and inspire them to enter and persist along their Pathway of Opportunities. Program funding for the 2020-2024 cycle will be used for the following program objectives: NASA Internships and Fellowships (NIFs), including NASA Center Internships (NCI) and Kentucky Industry Internships (KII), along with NASA Kentucky Graduate Fellowships (GF) and Undergraduate Fellowships (UF), offer a flexible set of hands-on NASA-aligned training to establish individual student Pathways of Opportunities. For internships, the intern''s effort is guided by a NASA or Industry mentor and serves to advance the student''s knowledge, to provide the experience of working with technical professionals in support of NASA''s missions or with established or startup aerospace companies in Kentucky. Undergraduate and Graduate Fellowships provide 1-on-1 research-based training and interaction with an advisor, including stipend, materials, travel and tuition for graduate students. NASA Mission Directorate (ARMD, HEOMD, SMD, STMD) alignment is required. Higher Education funding is designed to be flexible and responsive; it supports emerging Consortium needs and opportunities, with priorities selected by the Affiliates. Higher Education Enhanced Mini-Grants (EMG) support a wide-array of post-secondary projects aligned with Kentucky and NASA priorities under higher education goals. Team Projects support faculty-mentored experiences focused on authentic, hands-on design in science and engineering to inspire innovation, including participation in team competitions and flight opportunities. Research Infrastructure funding provides competitivelyawarded Research Initiation Awards (RIA) for early-career faculty proposing research and building NASA connections as one entry point to the faculty Pathway of Opportunity, where faculty can apply for increasingly-challenging research awards to hone their proposal and research skills, and develop student-mentoring abilities. Pre-College programs provide educational opportunities at sites across Kentucky to attract and retain students, as well as develop educator content knowledge in NASArelated STEM disciplines. Mini-Grants (MG) provide a wide variety of pre-college opportunities including STEM camps and competitions, K-12 teacher training, as well as informal education such as museum-based astronomy and aerospace programs for the general public. Pre-college Enhanced Mini- Grants (EMG) support a wide-array of projects aligned with Kentucky and NASA priorities under precollege education goals. Program evaluation data is drawn from two primary sources: NASA Kentucky Student Information Forms (SIF) and PI reports of sub-award project results, including numbers of participants, publications, and presentations. Program data is reported to NASA via OEPM and APD. Program evaluation uses SMART metrics such as diversity and number of awards. Longitudinal tracking of all significantly supported students is contracted with a service provider with extensive experience in NASA-required tracking.
Effective start/end date7/1/226/30/23


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