KY FY23 EWBB Survey 1S.0139.01: Exotic Wood Borer/Bark Beetle Survey

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EWB/BB Survey Abstract (336 words) FY23 would be the first year for a PPA-funded EWB/BB Survey in Kentucky. It is very important that we target the commercial/industrial pathway since it is such a common way for invasive pests to be introduced to a new area. According to the CAPS Pest Datasheets, the 2 Ips species, Hylobius abietis, Monochamus urussovii, and the 2 Tetropium species have been intercepted via this pathway since they are associated with cargo and wood packaging material. Asian Longhorned Beetle is spread through wood movement and Spotted Lanternfly can be moved on containers and other materials since the females lay egg masses indiscriminately. We will identify 10-15 high-risk commercial/industrial locations with warehouses and containers on site. One Lindgren funnel trap will target Ips typographus and Ips sexdentatus. A black cross vane panel trap will target Monochamus urussovii and Hylobius abietis. A second black cross vane panel trap will target the 2 Tetropium species. The technician conducting this survey has extensive experience with this type of survey from his time in graduate school and has used these trap types for these targets in his research. He will set the traps in spring 2023 and remove the traps in fall 2023, visiting 1-2 times per month to check the traps and change lures. He will conduct a visual survey for Asian Longhorned Beetle and Spotted Lanternfly during each visit and may also set circle traps for Spotted Lanternfly. The 8 pests included in this survey have a variety of plants and trees as hosts; therefore, the introduction of any of these pests into the state would have implications for trade, agriculture, and the natural environment. The Monochamus species is also a vector of pinewood nematode. Some countries that import wood and wood products from Kentucky require a declaration that the product is free from pinewood nematode, so that pest is of concern to the wood industry here. Accomplishment reports will be completed and submitted in the timeframe specified in the agreement and data will be uploaded to the NAPIS database.
Effective start/end date5/1/234/30/24


  • Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service: $22,845.00


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