KY Hort Council Grants IX

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Programmatic Area I: Technical Assistance and Educational Resource Development Activities: -Provide direct technical production assistance (face-to-face on- site consulting with growers/agribusiness owners) -Establish on-farm demonstration projects -Host county-level field days and workshops -Develop and disseminate educational and technical resources in a variety of formats and venues Programmatic Area II: Development and Evaluation of Production and Distribution Systems Activities: • Establish research farm experiments and field trials addressing industry-identified and prioritized topics. • Host field days and workshops to explain research results and innovative production techniques • Develop and disseminate research reports and technical resources for horticulture producers and agribusiness owners Programmatic Area III: Market Research and Analysis, and Marketing Education Activities: -Provide direct marketing assistance (face-to-face on-site consulting with growers/agribusiness owners) -Research horticulture market channels and marketing strategies suitable for Kentucky -Host workshops and events focused on marketing channels and market entry strategies -Develop and disseminate technical and educational marketing resources for horticulture producers and agribusiness owners
Effective start/end date1/1/1912/31/20


  • Kentucky Horticulture Council


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