KY NAHLN FY 17 Level 2 Member Lab Agreement

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The Nation’s public health and food supply is at constant risk from accidental or malicious introduction of exotic animal diseases. In 2002, Congress recognized the severity of these threats and provided funding to USDA to enhance early detection of foreign animal disease agents and newly emerging diseases and to better respond to animal health emergencies (including bioterrorist events) that threaten the Nation’s food supply and public health. The NAHLN was formed to coordinate Federal laboratory capacity with the extensive infrastructure (facilities, professional expertise, and support) of State supported laboratories. The NVSL serves as the National Reference Laboratory for the NAHLN and provides training, test procedures, proficiency testing, assay controls, and equipment while the laboratories of the NAHLN provide the laboratory space and personnel necessary to ensure that the U.S. has the capacity and capability to detect and respond to an animal disease outbreak. This cooperative effort between APHIS and the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, a NAHLN laboratory, will result in more efficient receipt of test results through the use of Health Level Seven (HL7) messaging and increase the credibility of the NAHLN by requiring quality systems in all NAHLN laboratories. Successful completion of these efforts will result in the laboratory key responsibilities that are required in order to maintain Member Laboratory designation.
Effective start/end date6/15/176/14/18


  • Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service: $120,693.00


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