KY Preschool Program: A Proposal for Follow up Study of Longitudinal Cohorts 1991-97

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This project proposes to: 1) retrieve existing data files (both electronic and print) to identify the sample of children who participated in the 1991 - 1997 evaluation; 2) identify a sub-sample of those children for follow-up; 3) obtain appropriate administrative permission to insure and protect confidentiality of information for this sample; 4) make telephone contacts with appropriate administrative personnel (district and school) and onsite record review to retrieve pertinent preliminary information; 5) conduct statistical analysis of data; 6) evaluate existing data; 7) identify gaps in the existing data and potential variables for future analysis; and 8) report findings.
Effective start/end date7/15/056/30/06


  • KY Department of Education: $30,000.00


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