KY Pride Fund Recycling Grant: Improvements to UK Recycling Program

  • Moberly, Esther (PI)

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    The goal of the University of Kentucky’s recycling program is to reduce waste, and one way to do this is to divert food waste. The 90 cafeteria has a process and equipment needed to separate and pulp food waste, but the collection and transportation has been a challenge. The addition of a lifter system that can be added to an existing pickup truck will allow the collection and transportation of food waste, in a safer and efficient manner. That same system can also be used to collect and transport recyclable materials throughout campus. Another way to decrease waste is by making recycling convenient. With this goal, the University of Kentucky’s All-in-One comingled recycling program is been expanded to the UK Healthcare System buildings and facilities, and outdoor recycling containers and indoor recycling containers are needed to make recycling accessible and convenient to staff member and visitors.
    Effective start/end date7/1/166/30/17


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