KY Space Grant TP-23-012: Development of Active Fin Control for High Powered Rocketry

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SpaceLex, Rocketry and Propulsion 1 Abstract Commented [KA1]: "...we are beginning.." or some other restructure of this sentence. SpaceLex''s mission is to “…push the amazing state of Kentucky further into the aerospace Commented [KA2]: This is where you are introducing the industry… through our incredibly innovative projects that push the boundaries of what defines research and so we want to be specific and detailed to grab aerospace.” With SpaceLex on track to launch our first competition rocket this summer we are beginning the reader''s attention. How about instead "research on to explore the next phase of SpaceLex; researching active fin control to increase the stability of our active fin control for greater stability." You might have to rockets. restructure that sentence to make it less clunky though. The Not One Missile (NOM) project’s goal is to research and develop methods of reactive control systems for the high-powered rocketry. The NOM project can be conducted with the level of technology and experience the team currently processes. This grant would fund the startup costs for NOM as well as the first area of exploration - active fins. With our current knowledge in static airframes this will be our next major step towards active control systems, and we plan to pursue even more development in the future. This project is named Not One Missile chosen for our hopes of the success that none of the rockets have control issues resulting in horizonal flight. Our long-term goal is to conduct a space shot and reactive control systems are needed to keep us on course.
Effective start/end date10/1/238/31/24


  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration


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