Ky Watershed Watch Portal Maintenance

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WWKY Data Portal Maintenance SQW: Doug Curl, 3/16/2022 KGS developed and hosts several websites which are used by Watershed Watch of Kentucky (WWKY) for viewing, analyzing, and collecting water quality data. The KGS-hosted WWKY data portal ( requires occasional updates including data updates and minor functionality changes. KGS also developed and hosts a site which allows users to “grade” watershed basins based on water quality data collected via this program ( This site also requires yearly data updates to keep the data current. Finally, KGS hosts a website and electronic form which allows volunteer samplers to submit their sampling data online. This site and form requires occasional updates to both the functionality and data stewardship. Resources required: Doug Curl is the lead developer of these sites and also provides primary assistance with the stewardship of the KGS-hosted WWKY data infrastructure.
Effective start/end date5/25/224/30/24


  • Watershed Watch in Kentucky Incorporated: $15,000.00


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