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The KYH2O podcast series is designed to provide the listener, in a 10-12 minute timeframe, with information on each topic, an understanding of why the topic is of importance, and information on how citizens can modify their behavior to protect water resources and the environment. Podcasts include a mixture of expert interviews, in the field whenever possible, coupled with interspersed discussions between the hosts, Drs. Carmen Agouridis and Amanda Gumbert. Drs. Agouridis and Gumbert help frame podcast topic, provide points of clarification (as needed) for listeners, and provide suggestions for listeners who wish to delve deeper into podcast topics. At the end of each podcast, listeners will be directed to the podcast series website where they can learn more about a particular topic. The website will contain aired podcasts, podcast transcripts, relevant UK Cooperative Extension publications, and educator resources. Podcasts will be aired on WUKY, Lexington's National Public Radio affiliate with an audience of over 30,000 across central Kentucky.
Effective start/end date4/1/183/31/19


  • KY Department of Environmental Protection: $4,825.00


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