Launch Blue - Launching Nationally Competitive Kentucky Startups

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Launch Blue provides a structured, high-quality program for idea stage Kentucky startups to launch using proven startup best practices and engagement of the startup ecosystem. Launch Blue is a pre-seed accelerator and incubator program. The twelve week accelerator program includes the study and implementation of lean startup practices, personalized coaching and mentoring, and focused development of the founding team in order to reach meaningful milestones for their startups. The pre-seed accelerator will utilize a hybrid format having nine sessions online via Zoom and three sessions in person. The Launch Blue six month incubator program continues to support tech startups as they gain traction and scale. Launch Blue Labs provides training workshops in specific areas such as investments, marketing, sales, scaling lean, and SBIR. These workshops not only provide training for incubator companies but will be made available for members of the community. Who from your team will work on this and in what capacity? • Eric Hartman, Associate Director, New Ventures & Alliances - Primary Investigator (Program Advisor and Coach) • Ian McClure, Executive Director, UK OTC - Co-Investigator (Program Advisor) • Taunya Phillips, Senior Associate Director, New Ventures & Alliances - Significant Contributor (Chair of the Advisory Board for Launch Blue) • Laura Halligan, New Ventures Program Manager, New Ventures & Alliances Team - Significant Contributor (Program Manager and Coach) • Emmanuel Smith, New Ventures Program Manager, New Ventures & Alliances Team - Significant Contributor (Program Manager) • New Team Member, Launch Blue Program Coordinator • New Team Member, Launch Blue Marketing and Events Coordinator • What makes your team uniquely qualified? The UK Office of Technology Commercialization has worked closely with ecosystem partner in Lexington and across the state through many state and local programs. These relationships have been integral in forming the idea and community support for Launch Blue. These partnerships along with our team’s diverse experience in commercialization, entrepreneurship, ecosystem building and industry best practices will allow us to execute our plan successfully.
Effective start/end date10/1/203/31/24


  • Economic Development Administration: $657,327.00


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