Launch Integrationfor KySat-2 Satellite

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The flight software development effort involves finishing the remaining software required for the KySat-2 mission, unit testing of each module, and integration testing of the final flight configuration. In particular, software development and unit testing for the fillowing three subsystems will be completed: Command & Data Handling (C&DH), Image Process Unit (IPU), and Electrical Power System (EPS). The C&DH itself requires unit testing to be completed on two commands: the automated beacon command Gather_Beacon, and the ground command Log_Data. The Gather_Beacon command requires collecting the most up to date information on the health and status of the satellite and updating the beacon contents. This requires the EPS and sensors to be integrated with the C&DH. The Log_Data ground command enables a user to request temperature, gyroscope, and magnetometer data from the satellite, along with special requests for health and status of the satellite. This again requires the EPS and sensors to be integrated with the C&DH. The IPU code can currently take Earth pictures, but new driver code must be developed and tested to allow star pictures. The new code will allow the C&DH to change the gain and exposure settings on the camera on the fly, as star photos with the default settings will most likely be unusable. IPU hardware will also require header removal and dark sky calibration of the lens system and final testing of imaging functions. The current EPS code has undergone unit testing; however, the datasheet from EPS from Morehead State University does not specify the telemetry string format. The final format will allow the code to be completed and unit tested. This will also allow the implementation of the startup procedure.
Effective start/end date7/1/1312/31/13


  • Kentucky Space LLC: $15,379.00


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