Leadership in Times of Crisis and Change - KPHLI Symposium

  • Scutchfield, F (PI)

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This leadership symposium is part of a larger initiative in Kentucky to prepare leaders to deal with the many challenges facing them. For the past three years, Kentucky has been offering a leadership institute for practitioners in public health. As part of the action learning modality used in the institute, scholars form teams and work on projects which they pilot in one area, department, or region of the state. The Leadership Symposium allows scholars to share these projects, provide assistance for those wanting to duplicate their success, and offers a forum to further enhance leadership abilities through speakers and workshops. The Kentucky Public Health Leadership Institute sponsors a yearly symposium that focuses on current events. This year's event, "Leadership in Times of Crisis and Change" will give leadership scholars the opportunity to share their experiences and results and in turn, attendees of the symposium learn about quality programs and initiatives they can implement in their health departments. The topics planned for this year include preparedness check sheets for non-clinical personnel, bio terrorism sentinel systems using GIS capability and others. The participants also earn continuation education units. The two-day event includes project presentations, subject breakouts sessions and working lunch. This symposium exposes and educates the Kentucky Public Health Professionals to current issues of interests on all levels, local, regional and state.
Effective start/end date9/30/029/29/05


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