Learning and Evaluation of State DD Council TA Center

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ABSTRACT The ITACC learning project will develop online coursework available to the network. Training will utilize universal design for learning standards, hosted on a secure network, and provide opportunities for just-in-time learning supported by training coaches. All online coursework will include interaction, assessment, and case studies to enhance knowledge transfer. The ITACC evaluation includes three components—progress measurement, program improvement, and impact assessment. The progress measurement will provide progress on key milestones and information on the implementation facilitators and barriers. As a part of program improvement, monthly reports detailing progress on milestones and benchmarks, outputs, and short-term outcomes will be shared with the ITACC leadership. The summative evaluation will examine the extent to which the T/TA provided has supported Councils in: Being positioned as known leaders, sought out topical experts, and effectively demonstrating the impact of their efforts on the lives of people with ID/DD, both as individual Councils and collectively as a network of programs; and improving the ability of individuals with ID/DD to live independent, self-determined, productive, integrated and inclusive lives.
Effective start/end date9/30/23 → 9/29/24


  • National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities: $33,430.00


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