Learning in Physical Science (LeaPS)-UK LEAPS Science Partnership Year 2

  • Zeidler-Watters, Kimberly (PI)

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    The vendor wil professional development activities that are designed to improve teacher's content knowledge and teaching skills in mathematics and science and that lead to improved student learning. Partnerships MUST include faculty from the mathematics, sciences, technology and/or engineering faculty of institutions of higher education and "high need" local school districts for the purpose of improving teachers' content knowledge and teaching skiDs. See detailed description Term and Conditions. MSP projects MUST carry out one or more of the foDowing activities related to elementary, middle or secondary schools: create opportunities for enhanced and ongoing professional development of mathematics and/or science teachers that improves the sub~ct matter knowledge of such teachers; promote strong teaching skils for mathematics and/or science teachers and teacher educators, including integrating reliable scientificaHy based research methods and technology-based teaching methods into the curriculum; establish and operate on-going mathematics and/or science institutes or professional learning communities for elementary. middle and secondary school mathematics and/or science teachers that MUST; relate directly to the curriculum and academic areas in which the teacher provides instruction, and focus only secondarily on pedagogy; enhance the ability of the teacher to understand and use the Program of Studies . for Kentucky Schools and the Core Content for Assessment Version 4.1 'for mathematics and/or science and to select appropriate curricula; and train teachers to use curricula that are (1) based on scientific research; (2) aligned with Kentucky's academic content standards; and (3) ob~ct-centered, experiment-oriented, and concept and content based. The program MAY also incfude components that: provide teachers and prospective teachers with opportunities to work under the guidance of experienced teachers and colege faculty; provide instruction in the use of data and assessments to inform and instruct classroom. practices; provide professional development activities, including supplemental and folow-up activities, such as curriculum alignment, distance learning', and activities that train teachers to effectively utilize technology in the mathematics and/or science classroom; facilitate the development or redesign of rigorous mathematics and/or science curricula that are aligned with Kentucky's academic content standards and with the standards expected for postsecondary study in mathematics and science; establish distance learning programs for mathematics and/or science teachers using curricula that are innovative, content-based, and have a scientific research base that is current; include strategies/programs to prepare mathematics and/or science teacher leaders to provide professional development to other teachers; bring mathematics and science teachers into contact with working scientists, mathematicians, and engineers, to expand such teachers' subpct matter knowledge of and research in science and mathematics; identify and develop exemplary science teachers in the kindergarten through grade 8 classrooms; and/or train mathematics and/or science teachers to implement research-based strategies/programs designed to increase achievement in populations of students with statisticaly significant gaps in mathematics and science.
    Effective start/end date11/30/109/30/11


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