Limestone Testing Agreement

Grants and Contracts Details


a.The UKDRS shall, twice during the period of this agreement, sample agricultural limestone from producers identified by the KDA; and b.The UKDRS shall test the samples according to the KDA’s standard operating procedure, as provided by KDA in a separate document, or any other standard as mutually agreed; and c.Test results shall be provided by UKDRS for each agricultural limestone producer to: i. The KDA; and ii. The agricultural limestone producer whose sample was tested; and d. The test result report shall contain at a minimum the following: i. Percentage passing #10 sieve; ii. Percentage passing #50 sieve; iii. Calcium carbonate equivalent; and RNV.
Effective start/end date9/1/166/30/17


  • KY Department of Agriculture: $14,000.00


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