Load dependent effects of massage on immunomodulation and afferent density

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Purpose: Massage is a commonly utilized alternative therapy in which its efficacy is primarily supported through anecdotal reports of health benefits, particularly following injury. However, the mechanisms underlying the beneficial effects of massage therapy remain elusive, and there remains a lack of solid scientific evidence to support its efficacy. Much like muscle, afferent nerve fibers are also mechanosensitive in nature. Therefore, we have focused our research on the events occurring at the molecular level, investigating the influence of the inflammatory process on both muscle and nervous systems. Intended to promote repair and regeneration, the inflammatory response is temporal, and utilizes several key monocytes with distinct functions. The aims of this proposal have been designed to answer important questions involving the application of massage, and its effects on muscle recovery and nerve fiber density. We focus on the cells of the inflammatory process including neutrophils, ED1+ and ED2+ macrophages, and important cytokines and growth factors established in regulating the immune response.
Effective start/end date11/5/1211/4/14


  • NATA Research & Education Foundation: $46,049.00


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