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The Louisville Small Business Development Center will provide the following services: 1. Provide free, high quality, one-on-one management consulting to the community's business community 2. Provide free start up assistance to the community's entrepreneurs as well as business plan development 3. Provide high quality, low cost workshops and seminars on a wide variety of pertinent subjects to educate business owners and entrepreneurs 4. Provide free business information resources such as financial benchmark studies, market survey, market research, GIS studies, and targeted customer lists 5. Assist business owners and entrepreneurs to access growth capital through both debt and equity capital. a. Provide free loan packaging service for both conventional and SBA loans b. Provide pitch practice and coaching c. Make warm introductions to commercial loan officers and accompany client to meeting if requested d. Provide access and introductions to secondary lending sources such as asset-based lenders, factors and equity pools. e. Provide free investor pitch development as well as pitch practice and coaching f. Make warm introductions to local angel investors 6. Special Projects/Pilot Programs a. Scale Up Louisville - This year-long program is based on the Kauffman Growth Ventures strategic planning curriculum coupled with intensive one-on-one consulting and peer learning opportunities through monthly facilitated CEO Roundtable meetings. Two cohorts of 10 - 15 are proposed. b. Louisville Minority & Women Contractor Training Program - Led by industry professionals, this program goal is helping women and minorities compete effectively. Participants will learn basics of contracts, bonds, bidding, esitmating, scheduling, cost management and project cash flow. Capability Statement and Certification are also addressed. This year-long program includes 8 weeks of in-depth classroom training with industry professionals, one-on-one consulting, and peer support through monthly facilitated CEO Roundtable meetings. One cohort of 20 is proposed. c. Because of the added workload resulting from these pilot programs and vastly increased federal goals, metro funding will be used to hire an experienced Special Programs Manager to market and manage day to day operations of these program. This part-time position will allow LSBDC staff to focus on achieving current deliverables while providing the necessary focus to ensure successful outcomes for the new pilot programs. 7. Actively support Louisville Forward and its clients with the above referenced services
Effective start/end date11/13/196/30/20


  • Louisville Metro Government: $15,000.00


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