Louisville Urban League 2022-2023

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ATTACHMENT SERVICES TO BE PERFORMED 1. Services Provided The Client hereby agrees to engage the IC to provide the Client with the following services (the “Services”): A. IC will provide services to individuals/business owners referred/identified by the Client. These services may include, but are not limited to, 1-1 business coaching, planning resources, marketing solutions, access to funding, accounting and finance, management and human resources, loan and investor packages, financial projections and models, and current financial analysis. Information may be disseminated via 1-1 coaching sessions, workshops, blogs, recorded webinars or other such virtual and in-person channels that effectively reach the target market. Every effort will be made by the Louisville SBDC team to provide culturally competent resources and coaching as well as excellent customer service and follow-up. B. It is understood that the Client, as part of its efforts to enhance the business ecosystem, may develop relationships with lenders, philanthropists, or other such organizations who are providing products or services that are deemed by Client to be of benefit to the Black entrepreneurs it serves. The IC team may be asked to place particular emphasis on serving clients in position to access these various resources. C. The IC may similarly refer its clients to other assistance and funding opportunities made available through Client and/or its partners. D. In an effort to most effectively serve a shared pool of clients, the IC agrees to provide a reasonable level of training and expertise to Client and partner staff who are directly serving Black business owners. Examples of this training include the preparation of budgets, financial projections, loan packages, etc. E. For the purposes of tracking effectiveness, reporting impact, and seeking funding for this work, the IC and Client agree to share data on clients being jointly served through this partnership. Personally identifiable information will never be shared publicly without express written consent from clients, and more detailed data sharing protocols will be developed as the partnership evolves. F. The IC further agrees that it will adhere to the following terms: ? IC shall maintain during the course of the work, and retain not less than five years from the date of final payment on this Agreement, complete and accurate records of all of IC’s expenditures which are chargeable to this Agreement; and Client shall have the right, at any reasonable time, to inspect and audit those records by authorized representatives of its own, or of any public accounting firm selected by it. IC will retain all records pertinent to this agreement pertaining to participant records, statistical records, and supporting documents for the same period of time. IC will also conduct a client evaluation if IC provides direct client services, for the purpose of confirming that high-level service has been provided. ? IC agrees to submit a financial report and a progress report on or before March 15, 2022, and every three months thereafter for the duration of this Agreement. The financial report shall account for all funds received and expended by IC and shall include (without limitation), copies of cancelled checks, invoices and receipts. The progress report shall detail IC’s activities pursuant to this Agreement. The IC agrees to work with the Client to develop an agreed upon Page 5 of 6
Effective start/end date1/25/221/31/25


  • Louisville Urban League: $180,000.00


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