Low Cost Biomass Saccharification Process for Producing Biofuels

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The following scope of work is intended to support the EKU project, Low Cost Biomass Saccharification Process for Producing Biofuels, submitted to DEDI for funding. The overall goal of the proposal is to scale-up the 1% NaOH pretreatment process to a pre-pilot size (approximately 550 liters) to further validate the process for potential commercialization. Data collected during the scale-up process would be used for a more complete Life Cycle Analysis/Environmental Impact, preliminary engineering for continuous flow process (this scope of work), Techno-economic analysis and for development of a commercialization plan. At the University of Kentucky the preliminary engineering design will be done for a continuous system. A continuous flow system is generally more advantageous in a large commercial process compared to a batch system. Based on the parameters and the data obtain using the batch process, a continuous process will be evaluated. A proto-type system will be designed that can be constructed and deployed in Phase II. Specifications and process flow diagrams will be established in order to achieve desired process performance. Major equipment and components for a continuous system will be selected. Cost estimates will be made for capital expenditure and operating expenses.
Effective start/end date4/1/135/1/14


  • Eastern Kentucky University: $28,454.00