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The following proposes a functional concept demonstration exploring the potential of propane powered hybrid forklifts. It involves a collaboration of Clark Material Handling Co. (Clark or CMHC), the University of Kentucky's Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department with additional funding and support from PERC. A conventional 6000# capacity electric forklift will be converted to an LP powered hybrid unit by exchanging the conventional battery with a "series type" LP fueled hybrid module. The module consists of an LP fuel tank, an LP engine, a generator, generator controller and a battery pack. This module could be applied to existing and future electric forklift fleets with minimal chassis modifications, if any. Creating a successful LP hybrid module will require evaluating several generator and battery technologies as applied in a hybrid module targeting the forklift industry. To ensure the design is optimized for rapid adoption, the project will leverage the capabilities of several well-established forklift component suppliers. The goal of this project is to research, build and demonstrate various forklift LP hybrid module configurations to explore potential commercial configurations & market development opportunities in the material handling industry.
Effective start/end date2/1/176/30/19


  • Propane Education and Research Council: $97,527.00


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