LTRC Project No. 14-3PF, Transportation Funding Sources and Alternatives in the SE States Now and in the Future

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The increasing demand for transportation access coupled with increased uncertainty over funding levels, has placed an increased strain on current state transportation funding regimes. As a result, a greater impetus is being placed on analyzing current funding sources, their sufficiency for meeting current and future transportation revenue needs, and researching and developing alternative revenue and financing mechanisms if current funding sources are deemed inadequate. These alternative mechanisms must be feasible and weigh a multitude of issues in order to develop realistic and sustainable funding outcomes. This synthesis of state-practice encompasses this significant purpose and as such, it is required to be a comprehensive investigation where many facets of policy and revenue/finance proposals are analyzed for sufficiency, feasibility, and applicability. The goals of the proposed synthesis study are to summarize and identify current funding sources, analyze any proposed changes to current revenue structures, and identify possible alternative revenue structures that may be successful in the southeastern states.
Effective start/end date1/2/141/1/15


  • Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development: $30,000.00


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