Magneto-Stress Analysis of Complex Structures

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The objective of the proposed research is to develop a software simulation tool that can accurately and efficiently predict the changes in induced and permanent magnetization of an underwater Naval vessel undergoing changes in an external magnetic field and hydrostatic pressure. This will be accomplished with the further development of the University of Kentucky Magström/Stress3D software tool set. Imperative to the success of the outcome of this project is 1) the continued development and validation of the tensor form of the Cooperative Hysteresis magnetic and magnetostrictive non-linear material models, 2) further validation of the software using a set of test models with increased complexity that are more representative of features of actual underwater vessels, 3) the use of the fast LOGOS method for the compressed sparse matrix representation of the dense Magström system matrix, and the compressed sparse matrix approximation of the precondition matrix for the acceleration of the non-linear stepped excitation solver, and 4) the transition of the Magström/Stress3D software tool set to NSWCCD and training a user base providing the Navy with the ability to perform full-scale high-fidelity modeling of actual underwater Naval vessels with this unique state of the art software tool.
Effective start/end date2/24/148/31/16


  • Office of Naval Research: $263,478.00


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