Maintenance of Prism-Based Ramp Screening System

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The objective of this project is to provide continued maintenance and support for the PRISM-based ramp screening system at the Boone County weigh station on 1-71 southbound. The advanced commercial vehicle screening system utilizes a 915MHz radio frequency identification (RFID) reader, USDOT number reader, a license plate reader (LPR) and a scene camera on the weigh/inspection station ramp to electronically identify vehicles as they approach the weigh station. The system is also integrated with the ramp weigh in motion and tracking system, so registered weights may be checked and vehicles may be automatically directed to stop if a potent.ial problem is identified with the system. Although the system was initially designed as a screening system for PRISM violations, other violations are also identified including: expired registrations" unsatisfactory safety rafings, high vehicle, driver or hazmat out-of-service percentages, insurance violations, UCR violations, IFTASlJspensions or revoked licenses, etc.
Effective start/end date11/1/116/30/13


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $116,500.00


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