MAIT Cells as a Therapeutic Approach for Gastrointestinal Cancers

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Scope of Work: MAIT Cells as a therapeutic approach for gastrointestinal cancers The overall objectives of this project are to test the hypothesis that MAIT cells have the capacity for anti- tumor effects, and the co-administration of MAIT-activating ligand results in enhanced anti-tumor cytotoxic activity mediated through Granzyme B, in a TCR-dependent manner. For Aim 1, we will determine the capacity and mechanism of MAIT cells for anti-tumor activity using in vivo models of CRC. Under this Aim, we will perform the tumor cell injection and mouse treatments, monitor mice, and measure tumor growth 3 times a week. We will dissect tumors and process tissues for staining, tumor culture supernatants, and RNA. We will analyze tumors by immunofluorescence staining and run cytokine arrays for mouse tumor tissue. We will work with Dr. Leung’s group to analyze data and develop manuscripts from the collected data.
Effective start/end date5/3/244/30/26


  • University of Utah: $136,309.00


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