Making Algebraic Connections

  • Zeidler-Watters, Kimberly (PI)

    Grants and Contracts Details


    The project will implement as proposed professional development activities that are designed to improve teacher's content knowledge and teaching skills in mathematics and science, and that lead to improved student learning. Partnerships MUST include faculty from the mathematics, sciences, technology and/or engineering faculty of institutions of higher education, and "high need* local school districts for the purpose of improving teacher's content knowledge and teaching skills. Method of Payment: Cost Reimbursement. Vendor will submit invoices on a quarterly cost reimbursement basis, including a line item summary of expenditures consistent with the approved budget. A final invoice is due within 60 days of the contract expiration date. This is a federally funded grant and is contingent on availability of funding.
    Effective start/end date10/1/119/30/12


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