Making Algebraic Connections 4-8: FY 2019 Funding

  • Lee, C. (PI)

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Making Algebraic Connections 4-8 utilizes a job-embedded monthly cadre format for administrators and ALL regular and special ed 4-8 grade math teachers in partnering schools/districts and a summer institute for teachers. All project partners have agreed upfront to the proposed design. Using this format, partners will explore how foundational concepts from Number Properties and Operations establish the necessary building blocks for success in Algebra (e.g., patterns; rationale numbers) and how to design instruction that leads to conceptual understanding. The partners will have an opportunity to learn more about the targeted mathematics in KCAS focusing on grades 4-8. Participants will also reflect on essential research based principles of learning to improve teacher practice and student achievement such as: 1) the three key principles of how students learn mathematics (e.g., how to assess students prior knowledge); 2) research on the errors and misconceptions related to Number and Algebra that can inhibit student understanding; 3) how to utilize formative assessments and the resulting data to drive instructional decisions so ALL students can meet learning goals; 4) how to match gaps in understanding with targeted interventions; and 5) ultimately how to improve their teaching practice. This design includes experiences that target the instructional core from the Characteristics of High Quality Teaching and Learning in Kentucky Schools (with an emphasis on Knowledge of Content, Instructional Rigor and Student Engagement, and Classroom Assessment and Reflection).
Effective start/end date7/1/189/30/18


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