Management of Fusarium Head Blight of Wheat: Are Premium Fungicides Needed on Resistant Varieties?

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Currently, the fungicide “toolbox” for managing FHB is bigger than it ever has been before, with relatively new fungicide products now available (Miravis Ace, Prosaro Pro, and Sphaerex), along with “standard” products that have been available for several years now (Caramba, Folicur/tebuconazole products, and Prosaro. As shown with previous research, under high disease pressure, fungicides alone may not be effective enough to protect against losses, and the greatest level of disease control comes from integrating the use of resistant varieties and effective fungicides. Even with new fungicide products available, it is still true that their use on resistant varieties will result in greater overall disease control vs. using these products on susceptible varieties. As observed under high disease-pressure, mist-irrigated field research trials, FHB-resistant varieties really stand out to be the most important and first FHB management practice that wheat farmers must utilize. For the most-resistant wheat varieties available, do they require a “premium” fungicide or will a tebuconazole product be adequate enough to use on these most resistant varieties? This proposal will evaluate the effect of different fungicide products on a set of wheat varieties that vary in their susceptibility to FHB. The fungicide products evaluated will include Miravis Ace, Prosaro Pro, Sphaerex, Caramba, Prosaro, and tebuconazole Our hypothesis is that on the most resistant wheat varieties, overall control of FHB achieved with a “premium” product will be similar to that achieved with tebuconazole, but that on susceptible varieties, the overall control of FHB will be superior with “premium” products vs. tebuconazole. These field research trials will be conducted under a high disease pressure environment (corn stubble on soil surface and mist-irrigation utilized to keep wheat heads wheat) and on 5 varieties with a high level of resistance to FHB and on one susceptible variety (six varieties in total).
Effective start/end date9/1/2212/31/23


  • Kentucky Small Grain Growers Association: $24,924.00


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