Management of Stink Bugs in Soybean: Does One Strategy Fit All Species? - Year 2

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In soybean fields of Kentucky there are two recurrent stink bug species that require control; the green stink bug (GSB), and the brown stink bug (BSB). However, there are two invasive species; the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) and the redbanded stink bug (RBSB) that are found frequently, and might be expanding their geographically range. Moreover, these two invasive species have shown that they persist when insecticides used to control the GSB and BSB are applied in other sstates. In this project we will complete an educational comprehensive study for management strategies against stinkbugs affecting soybeans in Kentucky. We will accomplish this with the following more specific objectives: (1) develop a program to train a future professional on agricultural entomology, (2) compare current management strategies against stink bugs utilized by KY soybean growers, (3) conduct replicate tests to contrast insecticide efficacy tests for the different species of stinkbugs, and (4) evaluate the effects of these compounds on natural enemies on laboratory and field studies. This is a field applied research and extension project that will develop science-based information, will be training a future agricultural entomologist, and obtain information working directly with growers and county extension agents that will be transferred to end users.
Effective start/end date4/1/199/30/20


  • Kentucky Soybean Promotion Board: $24,873.00


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