Management of Troublesome Weeds in Highway Rights of Way

  • Witt, William (PI)

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Weedy plant species, both herbaceous and woody, occur in the highway rights-of-way on aUof Kentucky highways. Some ofth(~se weedy species are large, robust plants while others are smaller but just as problematic. Weedy species along the rights-of-ways inhibit vision along the road and may increase deterioration of the roadway. Other weedy plants, such as musk thistle and johnsongrass, pose particular problems to farmlands adjacent to the right-of-way. This project proposes to conduct research to provide information on control ofthese troublesome weeds. Specific research objectives are: 1) evaluate chemicals that inhibit the growth of cool season grasses to reduce the mowing frequency; 2) evaluate techniques for weed management during the establishment and maintenance of native, warni season grasses; 3) evaluate herbicides for controlling musk thistle, johnsongrass, Japanese knotweed, and kudzu; and 4) determine if site specific technology such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS) will increase weed control of musk thistle. This project will benefit highway right-of-way weed control by providing up to date research results on which to base weed control decisions.
Effective start/end date7/1/036/30/12


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