Managing flatheaded appletree borer in nursery grown maples

  • Potter, Daniel (PI)

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This project will evaluate six new insecticides for managing FHATB in nurseries and landscapes. Four of the products, Celero 16WSG (clothianindin), DPX-E2Y45, Onyx (bifenthrin) and Safari (dinoterfuron), were identified by the IR4 Program as High Priority for borer control Two others, Discus (imadacloprid) and Flagship (thiamethoxam), already are labeled for nursery usage. As soil-applied systemics, Safari, Celero, Discus, and Flagship may have long enough residual to provide season-long control of FHATB while simultaneously controlling potato leafhopper, calico scale, and maple shoot borer (Proteoterus aesculana). Effectiveness against those pests, as well as FHATB, will be evaluated.
Effective start/end date5/15/065/14/07


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